We love your feedback…. positive OR negative. Here is one:

We really take your feedback seriously.

Thank you so much for the cleaning yesterday!
In the 13 years we’ve lived in our home, this was the first time we’ve had it cleaned professionally and I didn’t quite know what to expect.
The ladies who came were very professional and kind. They asked me what my preferences were and what exactly I wanted them to focus on.
There were a few things that I would have liked to have clean, but they did not have the equipment. I asked about dusting the ceiling fans and they stated that they didn’t have the tools for that, but could easily ask the owner for the tools.
My house is always very dusty, and for the most part, they dusted, but missed a few shingles on the windows blinds, window ledges and baseboards.
Overall, they did a great job. They worked hard and long. I would definitely recommend their services. Thank you again!

-Zenda Auza, Manvel

Our cleaning technicians can clean ceiling fans that are reachable.  We are seeking a solution to reach very high ceiling fans with an extension ( because our insurance won’t cover our crews if they play Spider man).

A special note about windows blinds: They are not our friends 🙂 .  We could spend 2 hours only on them, without exaggeration.  When you have advantageous OCD, this can get out of control !

Please let us know what you are expecting. Everyone is different and communication is the key! We are serious when we say we’ll do everything we can to please our clients 🙂

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