What cities do you service?

We service Manvel, Pearland, Rosharon, Iowa Colony, Alvin, Arcola, Friendswood.

What if I need to reschedule?

You can cancel or schedule any of your appointments by letting us know at least 24 hours in advance. If you feel your schedule is not “stable” and you may have to reschedule often, please ask about our FLEX schedule.

What is the FLEX schedule? With the flex schedule, you’ll have to schedule your appointment each time but we may not have appointments available with your preferred crew and we may have limited availabilities.  

If you cancel the service within 24 hours or if we are unable to access the house at the scheduled time, we’ll have to charge a cancellation fee.   Please always have a plan B: hide a key, tell a neighbor, tell us a code, etc.

How much can I expect to pay?

We offer affordable rates! You can try our pricing tool here

How can we be affordable and great?

Do you have a rotation schedule?

We clean what is dirty πŸ™‚ We don’t follow a rotation schedule.

Why?  Because families don’t use the space the same way.  It’s hard to come up with a rotation schedule that would fit everyone. We make it easier… if it’s dirty, we clean it! We don’t only use our eyes to notice dirt, we use our hands ( and sometimes even our nose :)).

If you have specific needs, please let us know. Remember: communication is the key.

What type of product do you use?

We use hospital-grade non-toxic biodegradable products. Our cleaner can be made without any scent. Talk to us if you have any concerns.

Who do you hire?

We are proud of offering a living wage to our employees but we expect our cleaning technicians to be awesome!

Our hiring process is not easy. We interview only 20% of applicants, train 30% of them and keep 50% of trainees πŸ™‚ We require a clean background check, a friendly attitude and we only hire English speakers.

Is there anything you won’t touch?

Per our insurance, we are not allowed to have our feet more than two feet above the ground ( on a ladder or stepping stool).  We won’t clean any unstable structures or lift heavy objects.

Any extra fees I should know about?

During our initial cleaning, we deep clean the space as much as we can and identify potential concerns to make maintenance cleanings easier.

We charge an extra for these services* ( call for pricing as they are not included in our regular cleanings): cleaning inside cabinets, cleaning inside the refrigerator and inside the oven, the dusting of multiple objects ( such as a large collection) cleaning windows indoor, carpet shampooing, organization & decluttering, laundry on-site, and off-site, blinds detailed clean, garage cleaning, patio & outdoor kitchen cleaning, tiles scrubbing, after-construction cleaning, after-event cleanup, bio-hazard cleaning.

We will always ask permission before we take care of extra duties. If you feel your house needs more attention than usual, please let us know so we can schedule additional time.

Do I have to do the initial deep cleaning

Yes.  The first cleaning is also an opportunity for our crew to assess your house and develop a cleaning plan.  In the past, we waived the initial cleaning for some of our customers and we realized we needed the extra time.

Are non-toxic products effective against germs?

Natural cleaners can disinfect ( kill germs) as well as clean (remove dirt) without the harmful effects.  For a complete explanation, please read our blog!

What should I do to prepare for our appointment?

It’s always easier for us to clean when the space has been cleared.  When we have to declutter and organize, we can’t spend the allowed time on what we are hired to do: cleaning! We are extremely efficient at decluttering but you can’t expect us to perfectly clean your house if the floor is covered with clothes, dirty dishes etc.  We love to clean… but we are also on a schedule.

We ask you to keep your pets away during our visit.  We love pets but they tend to dislike our vacuum πŸ™‚

We can change your bed sheets if you leave a clean set on the bed.

We have to say it again…. talk to us about any concerns because we love your feedback.