“Don’t kill the spider in the corner of the kitchen, it’s a pet”

One of our amazing customers had this very special request. 

Don’t kill the spider in the corner of the kitchen, it’s a pet”

We didn’t know what to expect. Spiders are not a typical pet.

When we added this note in the crew work order, the story went around quickly. At that time, we had no idea if the spider was small or big, furry, or skinny…

Spiders are interesting creatures.  On average, a spider can weave a web in about 30 to 60 minutes and some spiders build a new web every day.

  As cleaning technicians, we have a love/hate relationship with spiders. They kill other creatures that may cause a bigger issue over time.  However, they do make us look bad sometimes. They build their webs so fast, it’s like we never cleaned the area.

Are you ready to reduce the apparition of webs in your house? 

Take care of other pests

If you see many cobwebs in your house, that may be a good indication you have a pest problem. Certain spiders will hunt down and eat roaches and their eggs, which is desirable, but you may have spiders BECAUSE you have roaches … think about it!

Older homes have definitely more pests in general.  Even a mild foundation problem can cause an infestation.

Cut down the clutter

Where do you see cobwebs? 

We usually see cobwebs high or low.  Wall corners provide the perfect foundation for a web.  However, most webs are not even built high… but you don’t see them.

Spiders LOVE clutter.  They can hide, weave and eat with limited disruption. Check at the base of your furniture, you’ll find not only webs but many eggs!

You need help with your clutter, WE CAN HELP

Repel them!

Spiders don’t like acidic smells such as vinegar and citrus scents. 

Use cleaning products with natural citrus scents ( just like ours!).  Leave cotton balls with essential oils in corners, behind doors, and under furniture and change them frequently. Use an essential oil mister in troubled areas.

Oh! and did you wonder what type of pet spiders we were asked not to kill?  Not a tarantula It was a simple house spider a little kid got attached to! 

Happy Halloween!

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