Touch, feel, smell and see the cleanliness

When we train new cleaning technicians, they are always impress by the smell of our products. They want to bring some home!

Eco Cleaning is becoming very popular and while we don’t want our house sprayed with chemicals, we want it real clean. Here, at Eco-Cleanology, we had to address these concerns and major complaints about other Green Cleaning Services:

1- The house doesn’t smell clean

We came out with a designed scent that smell wonderful and is fragrance free. It won’t smell bleach or vinegar but it won’t smell artificial fragrance either. You’ll love it.

2- They only dry mop everything

We wet mop tile floors. We also clean hardwood and laminate floors with a special cleaner that also protect your floor. We clean everything!

3- They clean wood floor with water only

One of our secret is to never use your water to clean, except for tile floor ( wet mopping) because tap water is too hard to achieve a great cleaning ( mineral deposits). We use a reverse osmosis water to dilute our products or in our floor steamer.

4- I’m afraid my bathroom is not disinfected

Using non toxic products doesn’t mean we are not using disinfectants. We associate the smell of bleach with the state of cleanliness but in reality, a surface without any bacteria shouldn’t smell anything. We use registered disinfectant to clean bathrooms and some other areas in the house ( kitchen sink and counter top, cutting boards, pet area, diaper changing area etc.). Our designed scent is only adding to the feeling of cleanliness.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Call to schedule your initial cleaning!

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