What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a maintenance cleaning?

If you sign up for a recurrent service, we require an initial cleaning which is a deep cleaning.

Our deep cleaning includes:

  • Hand wiping all surfaces we can reach : baseboards, window frames and sills, shelves, ceiling fans, light fixtures, furniture found in a standard decor, front of cabinets stair railing.
  • Dusting with an extension what we can’t reach ex: ceiling fans, cobwebs etc.
  • Sanitizing counter tops, cooktop/stove, exterior of large appliances, interior and exterior of the microwave, trash cans, sinks and faucets, toilet, bathtubs and showers.
  • Cleaning : French glass door (interior), backyard glass door, glass tables, glass shelves.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning all types of flooring with special care to hardwood and laminate floor ( clean and protect)

Our deep cleaning also includes the following at the discretion of our cleaning technicians and/or your requests:

  • Descaling faucets and shower walls bathtubs and sinks.
  • Reviving wood and leather
  • Removing mold and bacteria in showers and bathtubs*
  • Dusting items found in a standard decor
  • Minimal decluttering and washing dishes

In our maintenance cleaning, we “maintain the space” as we left it after the deep cleaning. You normally do not need a maintenance cleaning if:

1- Your house has been professionally cleaned within the past month.

2- You are moving to a new construction

3- Your house is well maintained and do not require restoration, decluttering, mold removing. Please call the office if you have special request!

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