Protect your house from day 1 when moving to a new house

Moving to a new house is very exciting! The house is fresh and clean and all surfaces are perfect!

Unfortunately, it takes less than a year for a new house to show some signs of wear and tear.

1- The shower

Builders tend to leave some spots of missing grouts or silicon in the shower or around bathtubs. This is a common issue. Overtime, mold get comfortable and grows behind the liner. Have you ever heard of pink mold? Pink mold is actually not a fungi, it’s a bacteria. It’s commonly found in newer houses where it feeds on mineral deposits in soap scum and fatty deposits in soap and shampoo residue. It may cause various ailments (e.g. UTI, skin infections etc. ) if it enters the body through the eyes or open wounds.

2- Mineral deposit on faucets, sinks and shower doors.

In the Rosharon/Iowa Colony area, the water is hard and it shows!

If you have hard water flowing in your house, you will notice soap scum in bathtub and showers, scale build up on ceramic tiles, or mineral deposits on faucets. Overtime, electrolytes present in this type of water can result in galvanic corrosion…

3- Baseboards

Baseboards are generally forgotten by homeowners. Dust and dirt accumulate on top of them and stick to the paint. If the paint quality is superior, cleaning won’t be as difficult. However, dirt buildup on top of cheap paint is really hard to clean and will result in washing the paint away too.

4- Floors

Floors need to be maintain. In the 50s, women were cleaning the floor on a daily basis. Do you mop your floor everyday?

Floors get all kind of things: dirt, dust, mineral deposits, bacteria, virus, fungi, bugs etc. and it’s accumulating between wood planks and tiles. Do you want to know what lives in your carpet? Probably not ๐Ÿ™‚

What can we do?

We can protect your house from being destroyed. Every time we come, we leave the house new again. We recommend at least a monthly service. If you just moved in your house, we won’t charge you for the initial cleaning (deep cleaning). Our average monthly customer pay less than $4 day to enjoy an eternal new house feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

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