Eco-Cleanology multi-surface cleaner is here!

What are you using?  It smells great!

We are so proud to announce that after so many requests, we finally got our multi-surface cleaner out on the market.

When Eco-Cleanology LDT Co was created, we knew we wanted to offer only non toxic products but our customers were concerned about the efficiency of eco-friendly solutions.

The products we created is:

  1. Eco-friendly

Our product is made with pure ingredients found in nature and doesn’t react chemically with the other ingredients so the chemical structure of each of them are stable before the expiration date.  

  • Safe around children and pets

This cleaner can be used to sanitize diaper changing area and even where food is consumed (cutting boards).

  • Safe for people with allergies

Unless you are allergic to citrus, this is absolutely the way to go if you suffer from allergies.  This won’t trigger a reaction like bleach does.

  • Safe for people with respiratory problems

You can safely use this cleaner every day without long term consequences.

  • Kills bacteria, virus and fungus.

Spray surfaces and wait 8-10 minutes to kill mold and other unwanted organisms

  • Safe to use on most surfaces except metals and glass

We tested the products on wood, stones, plastic, fabric, painted surfaces, vinyl and leather. However, it’s always best to test before you use it on something with a different finish.

You can’t use it on metal or glass because it will leave streaks behind. 

  • Smells amazing! 

The smell is just right for everyone.  It smells clean and fresh without being overwhelming.

  • Contains propolis

What is propolis?

Propolis is made by bees.  It’s used to seal the hive.  It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties.  It boosts our cleaning product.

You may wonder why this formula is not widely available.

The formula is amazing and is above anything you’ve been using in the past.  However, the shelf life is not great and it has to be kept away from the sun (that’s why we have the amber bottles.) It starts losing its power after 3 month.  This is not something we could ship and have it sit on shelves in a store for a while.  We are keeping it our little secret and make it available to the community around us.  

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