Green products? Are they effective against germs?

While I was doing my Green Cleaning Certification, I had to write a paper on the harmful effects of conventional cleaning products.  It was very easy to me…

I’ve been very interested in the research done about the human microbiome for the past 5 years. Long story short; while trying to cure bad cases of c-diff, they discovered that by transferring fecal matter from one person to another, they can change the microbiome and cure the disease.  They also discovered that the recipient would also gain or lose weight to match the donor’s profile. You heard it right, your microbiome affects your weight and your health.   Why am I saying this? Because it was also shown that conventional cleaning products can have a harmful effect on the microbiome.  Here is an interesting article about it:
Conventional household cleaners could be making children overweight by altering their gut microbiota.  The good news:  they did not find the same association with green products.
But but what about killing germs?
We use only non-toxic EPA registered disinfectants to kill germs in your home ( with proper dwell time) and they are very effective. We are also using microfiber clothes because they remove up to 99% of organic matter as well as germs from surface.
We use non toxic wood, stone and stainless steal cleaner and non synthetic fragrance ( but your house will smell great)!
If you would like more information about Green Cleaning, this link has a nice presentation:

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