Your shower and bathtub are turning pink?

Meet Serratia marcescens!

This pink stain you’ve found growing in your bathroom is not mold.   In fact, it’s a gram negative bacterium known as Serratia marcescens.

A pathogen in my bathroom???

Yes,but yourprobably don’t have to fear this bacteria if you are healthy however,  if your immune system is compromised, a variety of potential health hazards are linked to Serratia Marscens exposure.

Household pets can also be at risk and young children if the bacteria enter the body through the eyes or an open wound. This can cause:

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Septicemia
  • Endocarditis
  • Pneumonia
  • GI distress
  • Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection)
  • Infection of Open Wounds
  • Meningitis

What can you do to prevent it to grow?

  1. Keep your bathroom dry

Open your shower door to let it dry.  Don’t leave any “wet” items in your bathrooms        ( towels, washcloths) etc. Turn the fan on while you shower.

  • Don’t feed the little guys

Keep the space free of mineral deposit or soap residue. Major culprits?  Shower curtains and soap holders.   

If mineral deposits are an issue in your shower, you can shop for a shower head filter which are very affordable. This will minimize scale deposits.

  • Kill it before it spreads

Boiling water and peroxide are two very efficient ways to kill Serratia Marscens.

Our weekly service prevents the growth of Serratia Marscens.  Our bi-weekly service usually prevents the growth however, if the humidity is high and the bacteria have something to feed on, it takes only 8-10 days to be noticeable.

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