You live in Meridiana? Hi neighbor!

If you live in Meridiana, you made an excellent choice. We love cleaning in your neighborhood because we feel they did such an amazing job customizing the interior of your home.

When Eco-Cleanology is hired to care for a new house, we focus on cleaning extra grout and/or spots of paint on floors. We make sure we protect your faucets and other surface against mineral deposit from tap water. We also make sure the shower liner is sealed so no mold is growing. We also keep baseboards free of dust to avoid damaging the paint.

Once in a while, we clean and protect your front door to keep it shiny and welcoming.

We really do an amazing job keeping your house NEW!

This month ( July) we are offering 25% off your initial cleaning if you live in Meridiana. If you convince your neighbor to join, we’ll make it 50%.

Are you curious about the cost? Use our pricing tool :

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