Why we can’t use your products and tools


Homeowners may feel irritated when we tell them we can’t use their tools and/or products.
We understand completely and we don’t want to be difficult but we can explain!

1- We are used to our tools!
When we are working with different tools, we are lost and slow. Remember the last time you changed your computer or your phone? It takes at least a week to get used to new tools. Imagine if we get new tools for each house

2- Our tools have been tested
We know our tools won’t damage any surfaces.

3- More chance to break something
Yes, we have insurance but we don’t like to call them. If we break one of our tools, we’ll just replace them. However, if we break your tools, we’ll have to claim to our insurance. 

4- Our products have been tested on every surfaces and they are safe
Stones and woods are the risky surfaces. We know our products won’t damage them but we are really not sure about yours.

5- We have a green certification
We use non-toxic ingredients that are safe around kids, pets and anyone!  We are proud to say we care about our cleaning technicians who have to breathe cleaning products all day! We want to protect everyone from harmful chemicals.

6- We use a lot of washcloths…
We do! We bring 50 washcloths per house and we even bring extra. We don’t like to spread dirt.  We never rinse our washcloths, we just use a clean ones.

We understand your concerns:
“My tools/products are better”
Maybe they are, they are so many products out there, we can’t know them all. If you are not happy with the result of our products/tools, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

“I don’t want to use tools you used in another house”
We use reusable microfiber washcloths and mop heads. We carefully soak them in peroxide and wash them in hot water with detergent. Nothing can survive this 
If you would like to keep a set of microfiber washcloths, mop head and dry mop pad. You can purchase your own kit and be responsible to wash them for next time. For a small to medium size house, the cost of the kit is $23.00 and include 30 washcloths, one mop head and one dry mop pad. For a large house, the cost of the kit is $30.00 and include 50 washcloths, one mop head and one dry mop pad.

Because we truly care about the health of our customers, we do have cleaning products that are scent free if you are sensitive to essential oils.

Please let us know if you have any concerns 


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