The difference between a maid service and a house cleaning service

Do you know the difference between a maid service and a house cleaning service?

Did you really think they were the same?

A maid service provides maids AKA female domestic servants to perform duties for you.  Usually, you would pay the service on a per hour basis.  You can hire the maid directly or through a company.

Benefits of hiring a maid directly

  • You always have the same person in your house
  • The cost may be cheaper*
  • You can ask them almost anything

Benefits of hiring a maid service

  • They carry a complete insurance
  • They have a plan B if your provider isn’t available
  • They deal with background checks
  • They provide tools and products
  • They offer training

Hiring Eco-Cleanology Ltd Co. a house cleaning service.

A house cleaning service provides you with cleaning technicians who are experts in the application of “cleaning” as a science.

“Wait, what?”

Cleaning is not as simple as you may think, especially green cleaning.

We also:

  • Provide a set time for an appointment
  • Provide a wide range of tools and products to safely remove dirt, marks and stain
  • Follow guidelines and protocols to stay efficient
  • Offer a cheaper option than a “per hour” service because you pay a flat fee.
  • Carry an insurance for your protection
  • Assign a crew to your house so you’ll always have the same cleaning technicians in your house.


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