Can we find 25 reasons to hire us? Easy…

1-We take care of wood floors

Our wood floor cleaner is also a wood floor protector.  It makes your floor shines!

2-We wet mop floors

We use a wet mop every time we visit on tile and vinyl floors.

3-We take care of our employees

Our employees are extremely important to us. We offer an outstanding experience to them as well.  Cleaning is not an easy job and we make sure they are rewarded fairly for their work

4-We use nontoxic products

We are under a Green Cleaning Certification, we can’t use any toxic products, and this is very important for us.  We use registered nontoxic disinfectants and cleaners.  Your house will be clean but you won’t smell the usual chemical such as bleach, Pinesol, Windex etc.

5-We use the right tools

Our cleaning technicians bring all sort of tools they may need.  Using the right tools make them work faster without relying too much on their muscles 😊

6-Our vacuums eat lots of dirt

We use two types of vacuum depending on the type of floor.

7-We make your bathrooms feel like a spa

This is our little secret.

8-We make your bedrooms feel like a hotel

If you feel like sleeping in a hotel bed tonight, leave some clean sheets out for us.

9-We have fun in children bedrooms

When we have the chance, we love to make your children smile when they enter their room after a cleaning.

10-We never forget the pet area

We love pets.  We know they can be messy but we make sure they are happy too!

11-Our dust filters are efficient

We use EPA filtered vacuum.  If you suffer from allergies, this is the way to go!  It also protects our cleaning technicians

12-We carry an insurance that covers everything we do

Please ask if you need to see our certificate

13-We arrive on time

We are making an extra effort to be on time.  We planned ahead with our GPS to make sure we know about any traffic or any disruptions.

14-We listen to you

You can ask us anything.  We realized that homeowners are often reluctant to have someone in their house (especially in the area guests normally don’t go).  We feel honored to have gained your trust but communication is the key.  We welcome any comments, positive or negative.  Please don’t be shy to let us know how you feel, we can always improve.

15-We make your house smells great

Do you know how a clean house smell without the chemicals?

16-Our cleaning technicians underwent a tough training

We offer a practical or theoretical course.  They learn how to use our cleaners on different surfaces.  They learn the difference between cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer and where to use them.  They understand the principles of Green Cleaning as well as the impact on the microbiome.  They learn how to use our tools to be efficient and how to use their body properly without causing injury.

17-Our cleaners have a clean past

Background check for all! We hired technicians we feel comfortable leaving them with our children

18-Our cleaners speak English

Essential for a good communication

19-We make miracles

We truly do!  We make scratches and long-lived stains disappear.

20-We suffer from advantageous OCD

When it’s not perfect, we don’t feel it’s right.  Our goal is to make everything pristine and when it’s not, we don’t feel good about it.  We can’t repair broken glass, and this really bothers us.


21-We are professionals

Cleaning is what we do every day. It’s art and science at the same time!


22-We offer competitive rates

Use our pricing tool to know how much you’ll pay.


23-We go the extra mile to make you happy

Everyone is different and our challenge is to find what will me YOU satisfied!


24- We use aromatherapy

We use essential oils in all our cleaners and we spread some drops here and there ( of course where it won’t damage surfaces)


25- We never judge

We have kids and pets and we are busy with activities and the so called modern life.  We, homeowners, are expected to offer a clean house to our family and guest but we barely have time to even shower.  This is why the extra help is needed so you can spend time with your loved ones or join an activity you always wanted to try.

We don’t judge your dirty and smelly house because we live in the same world.  The truth is, with kids and pets, we would need a daily housekeeper but it’s not possible for most of us. Having your house cleaned weekly (or bi-weekly), give you extra time to focus on other special chores like organizing your closet or your garage.  What we accomplish in 1-2 hours would take you 5-6 hours.  What can you do with an extra 5-6 hours every week?

Coming back to a clean house is wonderful for your mind and your health.  It makes everyone smiles..



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